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Why Gluten Free

Gluten Is a Protein found in wheat, barley, oats , rye & products made from these as ingredients. Gluten due to its sticky nature damages the intestine and reduces the ability of intestines to absorb food. This leads to various symptoms like growth failure, anemia, infertility, milk intolerance and recurrent digestive discomfort. Celiac Diease is body's autoimmuno response to Gluten.
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What's Different

No Preservatives

No Preservatives or chemicals are added to the product. Triple layered packing material ensure product shelf life & safety for consumers

Wholesome & Delicious

Grains are minimally processed in-house to eliminate cross contamination & ensure wholesomeness with delicious Seasonings

Gluten Free

Processed in Gluten Free Facility to ensure absolutely gluten free Product. Healthy for cealic & normal consumption

Super Grain Super Power

Pasta made from Super Grains like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranthus, Sorghum, Corn & Brown rice to provide you optimum Nutritional Benefits

Easy to Cook

Products are developed keeping Consumer Convenience in mind. Its extremely easy to make. Just mix Pasta & seasoning in water cook it & its Ready to eat

Product  Range

Synbiolife was established with a sole purpose of developing & bringing healthy & delicious convenient food products to the consumers with a vision of creating synergy between health & life. In this journey we are offering the first product, Super Grain Pasta which is extremely healthy delicious & at a same time Gluten free. Enjoy every moment of live with healthy & nutritious products from Synbiolife.
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